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Children's socio-economic rights in focus at international congress
Paula Proudlock, Child Rights Programme

Children's rights to social services
Mira Dutschke, Child Rights Programme

Informed policy decisions based on realities of children
Sonja Giese, HIV/AIDS Programme

Reviewing child deaths in South Africa
Kashifa Lagerdien, Child Health Services Programme

Securing the means to live
Annie Leatt, Child Poverty Programme

Actualizing the right to participate
Namhla Mniki, HIV/AIDS Programme

Interpreting Section 28: Building the future by exploring the past
Paula Proudlock, Child Rights Programme

Using international law to realise children's socio-economic rights in South Africa
Solange Rosa, Child Rights Programme

Defining basic health care services for children
Maylene Shung-King, Child Health Services Programme

Targeting children's means to live
Katharine Hall, Child Poverty Programme

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