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Charmaine Smith, Communication manager
  With the Children’s Institute growing rapidly in staff numbers, programme areas and related outputs since it came into being in 2001, a very specific institutional identity began to emerge. There was however a need to translate this identity into a particular graphic identity, starting with a new logo reflecting our identity as a serious child rights research organisation. This prompted the Institute to venture into the more for-profits arena of ‘brand development’, and what an exciting challenge it has been!

We went through an institutional identity assessment, branding workshop with staff, briefings with the designer and many, many meetings to work through draft designs for our logo. At the same time considerable effort went into developing an accompanying graphic identity for communication outputs. With this process now completed, we trust that the new logo and graphic identity will relate into our brand promise of delivering quality research, advocacy, education and training to the advancement of children’s rights in South Africa.

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