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Paula Proudlock, Child Rights Programme
  Children’s sector organisations last year united to ensure that the Children’s Bill promotes the best interests of all children. The bill, which will replace the 1983 Child Care Act, has the potential to transform the approach to the promotion and protection of children.

Developed by the SA Law Reform Commission, it can take the country into a new era of child protection. However, the version approved by Cabinet last year is a pale shadow of its former self. Most of the provisions that introduce inter-sectoral planning, budgeting and service delivery, poverty alleviation and primary prevention have been removed.

The bill will be tabled in Parliament later this year and it is important that the children’s sector remains informed of developments in this crucial phase of law reform.

To join the Children’s Bill network, or simply to stay updated on the latest news on the bill, visit the Policy and Law Reform page on the Children’s Institute web site.

The web page contains an introduction to the Children’s Bill, an easy guide to the law reform process, progress and news updates, the latest version of the bill, as well as submissions, discussion papers and research resources.

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