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South African Child Gauge 2015
De Lannoy A, Swartz S, Lake L & Smith C (eds) 2015
Children's Institute, University of Cape Town

South African Child Gauge 2015

The South African Child Gauge is the only publication in the country that provides an annual snap-shot of the status of South Africa’s children.

It is published by the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, to track South Africa’s progress towards realising children’s rights.

The 2015 issue focuses on the theme 'Youth and the intergenerational transmission of poverty'.

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Back cover
Acknowledgements and contact details
Broad overview
List of figures, tables and cases
List of abbreviations

Jonathan D Jansen, Rector and Vice-Chancellor, University of the Free State

Reflections on youth development
Buti Manamela, Deputy Minister in the Presidency: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Youth Development and Administration


Legislative developments in 2014/2015
Lucy Jamieson, Carina du Toit and Janet Jobson


Overview of part two

A focus on youth: An opportunity to disrupt the intergenerational transmission of poverty
Ariane De Lannoy, Murray Leibbrandt and Emily Frame

Schooling in South Africa: How low-quality education becomes a poverty trap
Nic Spaull

Post-school education: Broadening alternative pathways from school to work
Nicola Branson, Clare Hofmeyr, Joy Papier and Seamus Needham

Youth unemployment in South Africa: Understanding the challenge and working on solutions
Lauren Graham and Cecil Mlatsheni

Youth health and well-being: Why it matters
Diane Cooper, Ariane De Lannoy and Candice Rule

Parenting, poverty and young people in South Africa: What are the connections?
Catherine Ward, Tawanda Makusha and Rachel Bray

Youth and mobility: Linking movement to opportunity
Katharine Hall, Amina Ebrahim, Ariane De Lannoy and Monde Makiwane

Youth identity, belonging and citizenship: Strengthening our democratic future
Justine Burns, Janet Jobson and Buhle Zuma

Developing young people’s capacities to navigate adversity
Sharlene Swartz and Crain Soudien


Introducing Children Count – Abantwana Babalulekile

Demography of South Africa’s children
Helen Meintjes, Katharine Hall and Winnie Sambu

Income poverty, unemployment and social grants
Katharine Hall and Winnie Sambu

Child health and nutrition
Nadine Nannan, Katharine Hall and Winnie Sambu

Children’s access to education
Katharine Hall

Children’s access to housing
Katharine Hall

Children’s access to services
Katharine Hall and Winnie Sambu

Technical notes on the data sources

About the contributors

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