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Child Gauge 2007/2008

Children's Institute

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South African Child Gauge 2007/2008
Proudlock P, Dutschke M, Jamieson L, Monson J & Smith C (eds) 2008
Children's Institute, University of Cape Town

South African Child Gauge 2007/2008: Social services

The South African Child Gauge is the only publication in the country that provides an annual snap-shot of the status of South Africa’s children.

It is published by the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, to track South Africa’s progress towards realising children’s rights.

The 2007/2008 issue focused on 'children’s right to social services'.

Click on the links below for a pdf version of each section of the report or click here for the full report. (Note: the full pdf is 3.79 MB and may take some time to download.)

Unfortunately, no more hard copies are available to order.

Back cover
Acknowledgements and contact details
List of tables, figures and case studies

Shirley Pendlebury, Director, Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town

Reflections on children in South Africa
Macharia Kamau, Country Representative, UNICEF South Africa


Key legislative developments affecting children in 2007
Lucy Jamieson, Paula Proudlock and Samantha Waterhouse



Setting the scene for social services: The gap between service need and delivery
Sonja Giese

 Children’s constitutional right to social services
Mira Dutschke and Jo Monson

Developmental social welfare policies and children’s right to social services
Mira Dutschke

The Children’s Act: Providing a strong legislative foundation for a developmental approach to child care and protection
Paula Proudlock and Lucy Jamieson

Budget allocations for implementing the Children’s Act
Debbie Budlender, Paula Proudlock and Jo Monson

Human resources needed to give effect to children’s right to social services
Jackie Loffell, Merle Allsopp, Eric Atmore and Jo Monson

Making the link between social services and social assistance
Charmaine Smith



Introducing Children Count – Abantwana Babalulekile
Lizette Berry and Johannes John-Langba

Demography of South Africa's children
Helen Meintjes, Johannes John-Langba and Lizette Berry

Children's access to social assistance
Johannes John-Langba, Double-Hugh Marera and Lizette Berry

Children's access to education Shirley Pendlebury and Norma Rudolph 

Child health: The general context
Beverly Draper and Johannes John-Langba

Child health: HIV/AIDS
Beverly Draper

Children’s access to housing
Katharine Hall

Children’s access to sanitation, water and electricity
Johannes John-Langba and Double-Hugh Marera

Technical notes on the data sources

About the contributors

Copyright © 2012 Children's Institute, University of Cape Town

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