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Children's Institute Annual Report 2008-2009

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Click on the links below for a pdf version of a individual section of the report.

Cover (pdf 404 Kb)
Contact details and acknowledgements (pdf 241 Kb)
Contents (pdf 180.75 Kb)
About the Children's Institute (pdf 268 Kb)
Management and governance (pdf 404 Kb)

The year in review (pdf 408 Kb)

Introduction to projects, commissions and tenders (pdf 936 Kb)

  • Radio project
  • Analysing the nature and extent of child-headed households in South Africa
  • Caring Schools project
  • Child Rights Education for Health Professionals
  • Children Count - Abantwana Babalulekile project
  • Children's Act Project
  • Evaluation and Case Study project
  • Infants and HIV/AIDS: The fragility of life
  • Ordinary Politics: Race and opportunity in contemporary South Africa
  • Social Service Practitioners Advocacy Network
  • South African Child Gauge
  • Theorising Children’s Participation: Learning across countries and disciplines
  • Towards Comprehensive Social Security for Children: The CSG age extension campaign

Commissions and tenders  (pdf 149 Kb)

Education and teaching (pdf 267 Kb)

Reflections on selected activities (pdf  526 Kb)

  • Reflections on child health: From research to advocacy
  • Social responsiveness and public engagement

Operations support (pdf  171 Kb)

Grants and finances (pdf 53 Kb)

Staff (pdf 170 Kb)

Publications and other communication products (105 Kb)

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