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Latest developments

The whole Children’s Act 38 of 2010 (as amended by Act 41 of 2007) came into operation on 1 April 2010. The regulations (and forms) also came into operation on the same day.

Pending amendments to the Children's Act and regulations

Since the Children's Act came into full force, the process of engagement and interpretation of the law inevitably exposed areas where the Act could be clearer, or needs to be improved. Various challenges have been identified and these necessitate the review of the Act, and amendment to the regulations. The Department of Social Development is now considering amendments to the Children's Act and its regulations. 

As part of the public consultation process, the Department of Social Development hosted a series of national workshops on proposed amendments to the Act and its regulations towards the end of 2011.

Read about the history of the Childen's Bill law-making process.


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