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Children’s Institute seminar series: Second semester 2012

The Children's Institute seminar series brings together academics and researchers from a range of disciplines who are working on issues that affect children and young people. Our intention is to stimulate conversation and reflection to improve children’s and youth’s well-being, and share insights on how to overcome the ethical and practical challenges raised by doing research with children.

Seminars are scheduled on Mondays, lunchtime, from 13h00 to 14h00.

Venue: CSSR Seminar Room 429, 4th floor Leslie Social Science Building, UCT Upper Campus

A light lunch is served from 12h40 onwards. To attend, RSVP us.

23 July

Norma Rudolph and Lizette Berry, Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town

At what cost? Exploring unintended consequences in the pursuit of MDG 2 in SADC.
How do we make schools ready for young children?

6 August

Sonja Giese, Promoting Access to Children’s Entitlements

Government funding for ECD – how can we ensure that those who need it get it? Read more...

20 August

Dr Lucie Cluver, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, Oxford University

The invisible epidemics: Impacts of parental HIV/AIDS and child maltreatment on children's outcomes in South Africa. Read more...

17 September

Alice Clarfelt, Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation (CADRE)

Contexts of risk for child sexual abuse: Community perspectives. Read more...

1 October

Prof Bob Mattes, Department of Politics, University of Cape Town

Youth democratic citizenship in post-apartheid South Africa. An overview of various time series of survey data on South African political culture that questions the common wisdom about the political attitudes and behaviors of the youth.

15 October

Prof Jeremy Seekings, Department of Sociology, University of Cape Town

Entry into the labour market: Pathways into unequal adulthood. Read more...

The Children's Institute seminars are open to all; we look forward to seeing you there.

Lucy Jamieson and Ariane De Lannoy 

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