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Current projects

Child Abuse Tracking Study

This study traces reported child abuse and neglect cases through the child protection system to identify and describe the challenges that are preventing children from receiving quality and timely protection services.

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Child death reviews study

This project involves the piloting of child death review teams as a mechanism to improve the identification and criminal justice outcomes of fatal child abuse. In addition, the project will monitor the effectiveness of the teams through the use of standardised indicators to improve case identification. The overall goal is to prevent child deaths through the identification of gaps and barriers in the child protection system.

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Child rights and child law for health and allied professionals

This accredited five-day course provides cutting-edge education in child rights and child law for health and allied professionals – including up-to-date training on consent to medical treatment and the reporting of child abuse and neglect as outlined in the Children’s Act. It examines the relationship between children’s rights and child health, and aims to equip health and allied professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to realise children’s rights in their daily practice.

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Child-centred analysis of government’s budgets

South Africa’s comprehensive range of laws, policies and programmes to realise children’s rights need to be adequately resourced in order to reach all children in need. This project has been conducting annual child-centred analyses of government’s budgets to assess whether the state is allocating and spending adequate budgets to realise children’s rights. Ultimately, the project wants to contribute to ensuring that adequate resources are allocated for the effective delivery of services to children, and that these resources are spent in children's best interests.

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