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Current projects

Children’s Act: Promoting implementation

This project aims to promote the implementation of the Children’s Act  (Act 38 of 2005, as amended by Act 41 of 2007) that came into operation on 1 April 2010. The main implementation challenges are a lack of adequate human resources, a history of a low budget allocation and expenditure base for social services for children, and the need for knowledge and understanding among practitioners and the public on how to interpret and apply the new law.

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Evaluations and case studies of the CI law-reform methodology

Getting research into policy and practice is a main objective of the Children's Institute. This project therefore records the story of the Institute's involvement in policy and law-reform processes, together with analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of the advocacy methodology used in each process. The information gained from each evaluation or case study is fed into new projects and communicated to national and international audiences through publications and occasional seminars.

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Growing up in a time of AIDS: Abaqophi bakwaZisize Abakhanyayo Children's Radio Project

Established in 2005, this children's participation project is now run independently by the Zisize Educational Trust. It enables children in rural northern KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa to use the power of radio and storytelling to describe and explore their lives and circumstances for a South African and – via the Worldwide Web – global audience.

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Healthy cities

This project was part of a collaborative, inter-disciplinary study on the role of the urban environment in shaping illness, health and well-being, initiated by the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. As one of the project partners, the Children’s Institute led a sub-project on Healthy Cities for Children.

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