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Completed Projects

Analysing the nature and extent of child-headed households in South Africa

There is widespread concern that the numbers of children living in ’child-headed households’ are rapidly increasing as a result of AIDS-related adult mortality in much of sub-Saharan Africa. This systematic analysis of representative national surveys over the period 2000 – 2007 aimed to shed light on the extent to which this is the case in South Africa, and to examine the phenomenon in more detail.

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Caring Schools: Schools as nodes of care and support

The 28,000 schools across South Africa have huge potential to serve as 'gateways' for a range of services for children. This multi-year action-research project undertook to understand and facilitate an expanded role for school as 'nodes of care and support' to vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty. It aimed to help schools to mobilise role-players in their schools and communities to provide a greater level of care and support for children.

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Child Health Services review

The Children's Institute in 2006 did a comprehensive review of all child health laws, polices, programmes and service evaluations. The document, together with a legislative analysis, form the base document for the discussion on “what should constitute basic health care services for children”, as defined in the Constitution.

This work formed part of the overall Project 28, funded by the Open Society Foundation of South Africa.

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Child Survival Project

The Child Survival Project was aimed at contributing to research and advocacy on child survival in South Africa.

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