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Completed Projects

Firearms injuries

The high rate of firearm injuries and fatalities to children in South Africa, coupled with the lack of updated research evidence on such injuries and fatalities, prompted the Children's Institute to undertake this study in 2007.

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Foster care in the time of AIDS: Children 'in need of care' or in need of cash

This project, conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Actuarial Research at the University of Cape Town, drew on a combination of primary research and demographic projections, as well as a costing exercise, to consider the application of the foster care system to provide poverty alleviation for households caring for orphans.

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Growing up in a time of AIDS: Abaqophi bakwaZisize Abakhanyayo Children's Radio Project

Established in 2005, this children's participation project is now run independently by the Zisize Educational Trust. It enables children in rural northern KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa to use the power of radio and storytelling to describe and explore their lives and circumstances for a South African and – via the Worldwide Web – global audience.

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Health and social services to address the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children in South Africa

In 2001 the Children's Institute was commissioned by the Department of Health to conduct research to inform an appropriate and co-ordinated national response to children experiencing orphanhood.


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