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Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 January 2015 12:11

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20 Year Review: Base paper on the state of children and the family
Hall K & Budlender D 2013
Research paper commissioned by the National Planning Commission for the 20 Year Review.
Pretoria: The Presidency

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Preventing violence against children – a child rights approach
Mathews S 2013
Research Watch, 9/2013
Online commentary published by UNICEF Office of Research.

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Stakeholder consultations on the development of the White Paper on Families in South Africa: Consolidated report
Berry L 2012
Report for StrategeQ Developments on behalf of the national Department of Social Development.

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Comprehensive review of the provision of social assistance to children in family care
Budlender D, Proudlock P, Hall K, Jamieson L & Meintjes H 2012
Report for the Department of Social Development, by the Community Agency for Social Enquiry and the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town.

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Report on the current situation of child labour with a special focus on child labour free zones: Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda and Zimbabwe
Nhenga T & Mangoma FJ 2012
Report for HIVOS, “Stop Child Labour” campaign.

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